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Friday, 20 March 2015

Victorian mourning button.

If objects could tell their story.
I recently bought a beautiful Victorian button, worn for periods of mourning.
I think it is moulded glass.
I liked the way it worked with a modern plastic bird,I like to think that the spirit takes flight.

Have a good weekend x.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Junk journalling and upcycling books. Rag face progress.

Hopefully spring is in the air!
After another break.
A little look at what I've been up to.

I have always kept or collected books or papers that I think might be useful (!) 
I have also recently been watching many, many, many films on you tube about junk journalling, scrapbooking etc.
It appealed to me because some use lots of different elements in their journals.
Lots of elements that I have in big piles, but haven't made use of yet!
 I thought I may be able to make something more cohesive and useful.
I had some old ladybird books that were falling apart.

I spent some time cutting out parts of the images that I liked.

Please excuse the awful nails!

I glued an image onto the back too so they can be used in small books.

These are still a work in progress.
I was also interested in making little books from fragments of things, writing,fabric,ribbon, papers etc.
Either they will be a stand alone book, or something that I can add blank papers to and it can then be used like a sketchbook.

I love finding aged papers with marks and writing of a time gone by.

The next one in progress is using more of the ladybird pictures, old greetings cards etc.

I'd love a pair of gloves like those.
I even got my own chunky wool out for a bit of blanket stitch! 

The next is a definite junk journal, made with magazines, book papers, old music etc.

Tried sewing some pockets.

Put in blank pages for writing or photos.

Lastly a piccy or two of  the rag picture so far.

I now have to get myself in gear and get back to doing my Etsy shop.
What have you all been up to? 
Anyone else tried junk journalling?
Bye for now, Fliss x

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Batch baking and rag faces.

A very wet and dull day today, so I needed to find something inside to do.
Not a difficult decision- to have a baking binge in the kitchen (to keep nice and warm.)

Round cherry cake, coffee cake, lemon cake, flapjacks and rocky road.

I have cut up the cakes and frozen most. Needless to say, the rocky road stays - it is half term!

I have started another rag rug 'thing' i.e. I don't know what it is yet.

As the face on my last piece was very undefined. I wanted to have a go at ...you guessed it ..a face.

I've struggled with finding suitable colours, but I found that some fabrics that looked very unpromising, actually worked quite well.

This is as far as I have got today.

My daughter and her friend got busy with paints after we visited Padstow yesterday.
They started quite a few!

Wise words.

Hope you have all had a good day,despite the rain!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Rag rug finished and wardrobe cull.

Just a quick catch up with things I've been up to.
My rag rug is finished! 
I just have to sew the sides and think about how to hang it.

She seems to have had a 'readybrek' moment.

I packed it very tight and used up loads of fabric.

Another person in the house!
I have also really quickly gone through my wardrobe to chuck out clothes I don't wear etc.
I only really go to jumbles these days, so my choice was a bit lame!

I sorted them into:-

1) Wear all the time pile i.e. half decent (a bit minimal here)

2) Clothes I bought from jumbles or charity shops because I liked the pattern/colours, but that don't fit or suit me! 

3)Absolute crap- falling apart faded etc.

The half decent went back in the wardrobe.

The nice pattern/colours went in a pile to cut up, with the intention of finding patterns to remake them.

The last one went into a bag for RAG RUGGING!
I love it.

I thought long and hard about this last one, as it had a prairie look to it.Ideal for Homesteading. 
I have now cut it up as it may be better as a shirt or bag lining. It's a lovely soft fabric.

I'm not working next week, so I'm hoping to get to the charity shops to find something to wear as I have a hunch that my sewing may take a while!
Is anyone else planning a wardrobe cull?
Byee for now.x

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Homesteading. From the armchair.

Follow Felicity's board Homesteading on Pinterest.

Many of you will know what I mean by homesteading. 
I have been interested in some aspects of simplifying life, off grid living and growing veg etc.
Some people believe in a zombie apocalypse, doomsday or financial collapse, and feel the need to prepare for it by learning skills and gathering supplies.
I'm not one of those, but I do feel we've lost the plot in some of  the ways we live today.
There are so many people who are disconnected from our society. They have no stake in it and no possible hope of getting one.
In the U.K. home ownership is impossible for many people, and rents are sky high for the amount of wages paid.

I find the subject fascinating because I feel it goes back to a need within us to survive.
Somewhere in my ancestor gene is a squirrel tendency.
I love the sight of the old fashioned pantry, with rows of bottles and jars.
I want to learn more about cooking using our woodburner, and I hanker after a solid fuel cooker (with our gas one still in place, just in case!)
So I'm starting small, and enjoying learning new things.
It's official. Baking potatoes in a multifuel cooker is quicker than a gas oven.
It's also easy to burn things on the top. I can't show you the meal under the foil-but it was fish fingers,    baked beans 
baked potatoes inside the multifuel and a lemon roly poly for pud. (all were rather burnt on one side, but very edible!)
It heats water very quickly too.
This revelation to me would have seemed laughable to our ancestors.
But it's great fun in this age of cellophane wrapped, padded, shrink wrapped, lives.
Has anyone else tried cooking on a woodburner?- tips much appreciated.
Bye for now,Fliss x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Charlestown and cakes.

We had a very chilly trip to Charlestown recently, which was full of old charm.
 It seemed like time had stood still.
I will definitely go back in warmer weather.

Shame about the bag!

There were several really pretty houses. I love the little storm porch and the once tended front garden.

There's only one thing to do in the cold weather, and that is to bake.
A classic lemon drizzle, and two walnut and coffee cakes.

Both recipes were from 'The complete farmhouse kitchen cookbook'
From the Yorkshire T.V. series (made in the 70's?)

The programmes were designed to revive interest in homebaking and preservation.
I can't wait to try out more recipes
Time for an extra slice I think!

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