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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Current work

I am really enjoying working with felt, and I am making some felt brooches ready for easter! I ordered felt from Feltgirl.I like not having to finish edges, and being able to embroider directly on to each piece. I have also been working on a calico rocking horse and a rabbit which sits on it.The rabbit is going to wear a little vintage tutu, so hopefully when it is finished I'll be putting it onto Folksy. I have also been busy making some valentine hands which can be used as a keepsake gift to someone special. When I designed them I also thought of them representing a creative hand, a good keepsake for other crafty people.

Thats all for now byeee.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Current work and inspiration.

I have at last entered the modern age, and this is my first blog! I finally decided to get on the web because I have had so much inspiration from other people, that it was about time to give something back. At the risk of sounding like the oscars, I must thank my friend Kirsty of sixtyonea, who makes wonderful beach inspired things, as she has helped me out, and provided a listening ear! The other blog that has been inspiring is Cathy Cullis who reminds me how wonderful it is to create things! Lastly a big kiss to my hubby and kiddies who make everything I do- worth doing.

I want this blog to be a record of my work and inspiration.
So to work! Here are a few of the projects I have on the go at the moment.

These are my cornish fairys. They are based on old fashioned circus ladies with stripey (cornish) blue tights.
I like to work through an idea in several different media and have also tried my 'ladies' in papier mache.

So here ends my first blog! Back again soon.

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