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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Julie Arkell, and collage inspiration.

I am working on a series of collages using collections of fabric, postcards, photos and buttons.
Some time ago I looked at Julie Arkell collage pieces, and love the way they give special significance to objects cards etc especially when they are hung on the wall.

I had recently made a collage using a robin card, left by the previous owner of our house. I wanted to, as in Arkells work, give it new meaning, and be able to see it - reminding me of the owner who is a lovely elderly lady who we still see for old fashioned tea!
I then waded through some photos and postcards to choose some more!
Then needed to sort into styles.
Brights and more quirky ladies. I especially like the birds.
I have just finished two collages from the childrens postcards, which are now on Folksy. Again, a while ago I had made a collage for our bedroom and I wanted the same feel for these new ones.
Above is a section of our bedroom one, and below is one of the new collages.
I'm quite pleased with them, and even with a bad cold I'm really keen to start on the others and then get round to collaging very special photos of mine which otherwise will stay in the cupboard.

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