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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Applique doll and garden.

I did (luckily) make the most of the sun a few days ago and got out in the garden to dig a bigger veg plot. I get very enthusiastic about spring, and love growing veg and flowers. Unfortunately this tails off in the summer when the watering cans are needed. So I intend making this year better- I say the same each spring.
A little bit makeshift, but who cares! I used to have smaller beds which became impractical.
as here in the snow.
I have had a little time recently working on some more dolls. I was trying initially to make a purse - to save money ha ha.I soon discovered it didn't work and got very soggy in the rain. I did however like the way of working, so I tried it out on a doll.(I did give in and buy a purse)


I have a little someones birthday coming up so I'm off to check out some sites for non rocket fuel food -as if.


  1. Hi, I have the same good intentions about the garden but never get as far as altering any beds. I promise (once again)it will be different this year.
    Your doll looks like she's going to be a real smasher... will she go into your shop? I love your cat headed creatures.

  2. Hi Murgatroyd, Thanks for your lovely comments, yes the doll will be in folksy shop- hopefully next week. Fliss.

  3. Hello there - I hopped over here from sixty one A. The design on this doll is beautiful - I do love the colours. Your dolls remind me of very old ones from the 18th century - they're fabulous.


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