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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

more dolls and brooches.

I have been busy making some more dolls and some new brooches. It takes me ages to find fabrics that -to my eyes-go together, so some dolls remain unfinished for ages. Here are some that are!
The one in the middle was inspired by the black and white of the cornwall flag. The other two are inspired by folky images.
I have been working on some more applique brooches using scraps of fabric

I loved the shape of the oeuf brooches that I made for easter, and I echoed it in these little pieces. I have got lots of still life pictures I have sketched and collaged in the past to use. Watch this space!


  1. lovely! Felicity-those girls look very worried about 'cat woman'-your'e on to a winner with the brooches too!x

  2. Those dolls are just beautiful. especially the stripy legs. I love a good stripe.


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