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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Port Eliot and the Obby Oss

We recently visited Port Eliot in St Germans thanks to Murgatroyd at Serge & Tweed , who showed links about the travelling folk museum. The exhibits for this were rather small and they are wanting any donations for the folk museum or a possible venue visit museum of british folklore  for more details. We saw this obby oss headress below, (I loved the curtains behind!)
So having visited for the exhibition, we had no pre-concieved ideas about the house. So it was a lovely surprise to look round a lived in house full of treasures, flaking paint and beautiful paintings  (and some not) I'm not a great fan of Lenkiewicz and there is a beautiful round room (but it is) covered in his work.The house left me wanting to look at many more rooms as only a few are open. On the way out we met the Earl and countess of St Germans who were very friendly and 'roo' their gorgeous whippet dog- very civilised. 
The other place we visited there was St Germans church where we took some picture of the embroideries and stained glass. Here are some which may inspire!

In case you are thinking I am either shopping or visiting somewhere I have been doing some work. Some felt ladies based on the images I've developed about the garden, water growth etc.
I have explored images about these for a while now. My first pieces were mosaics (excuse the awful picture)

So I'll say bye for now. 

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  1. Fabulous... so glad one of us could make it to the exhibition! The red curtain fabric is by Mark Hearld (sorry if you know that already) & it is for sale through St Judes Gallery, here's a link:

    I love the purple you are using in those photos. Is it velvet? Felt? Yum.


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