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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

painted table, pumpkin and doll.

I thought I'd show you a table I'm in the middle of painting. We hate to throw things out ( to a fault sometimes!) and we had an Ikea table that was worse for wear. It was actually thrown out by someone else- nothing like a freebe. So it does't matter if it works or not!

I like to draw first on paper, and the image is usually symetrical.

Some folky ladies appeared. I'll take another picture when it's finished.
I have at last finished some more felt dolls, which I'll post more on later.

I'm wondering if I should scent them?

The recent rainfall was good for the garden, the pumpkin has doubled in size. I think I might of put it in the wrong place! i.e it needs to be in a big field.

( It is now twice this size.oops!)

1 comment:

  1. The table design is looking really good! It's great when you can transform new from old.
    A delicious smell might be a nice touch to the felt ladies (but they're lovely either way). :)


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