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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

More Fruit!

 I have been blackberrying -again and buing MORE fruit for jam and crumbles etc. I like to avoid buying pre packaged foods where I can, and so I like a well stocked larder ( food of course!)

A few apples from the garden.

A few more from the shops!

A few hours of washing prep and cooking and above are a few of the 11 or so jars- I hope everyone likes jam!
I am also keeping an eye on the pumpkins outside hoping they will keep until October.


  1. Hi, it looks that I have to visit cornwall!
    There are so much lovely blogs over there!
    I have been looking at one after onother for one hour now!
    Are you all friends??

  2. Hi pussman, I'm glad you dropped by! I only know the lovely Kirsty at sixtyonea blog, but I think many others do meet at various craft fairs.The beautiful countryside in cornwall does attract us arty types!


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