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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Usual Suspects.

A very quick post to say that at last I have put a bit more on Folksy! It's frightening how fast 6 months go!
I have now been trying to upload pictures for two days and it doesn't seem to upload the photo - anyone else having the same problem? So sorry no pics.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Piccy Tree.

I couldn't resist one more piccy of pumpkins - and pears, which I would love to develop into some sort of applique picture.

Also to follow up on a previous post. I have done a bit of work on a community project for a 'piccy tree' which is run by a local artist Sue Field, and is to record various thoughts about and sights of Liskeard in Cornwall to create applique panels which are hung on a structure.It can be worn for local events or hung up and displayed flat. I'll include some pictures after the start of October( its first outing!). I find it a really interesting idea and the project is envolving many people in the community who have never done any applique before and perhaps not much artwork at all.

I tried couching a thicker thread which I'd not done before and found it quite easy to do...

So I tried some more!
I'll show the whole panel when it's done.
Happy creating everyone!
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