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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Cornish fairies and baking.

I have now reinstated a baking day. I did get my food certificate recently and have already started baking for Fridays country market. I love the back to basics cooking, seasonal produce and no unnecessary ingredients of what was the W.I. ( I suddenly feel very old!) So here are my recent efforts.

Naked Cakes.

All plastered with icing- just how we like them!

I have also been working on ideas, some christmas - reluctantly. I do love christmas but the run up is getting rediculous.
One very messy workspace, but I do have to have everything out, who am I kidding O.K. a fraction of my stuff out then.

A few little brooch ideas.

And some ideas from last christmases cornish fairy. I love trying to make ideas into 3D so this is based on...

...this one. It's proving very fiddly but interesting, and rather funny from some angles


That's better.
Happy sewing everyone!

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