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Monday, 4 October 2010

St. Matthews Fair, Liskeard.

On Saturday the Piccy Tree that I was helping out on, had its first outing. The town had plenty of stalls, a funfair and a French market. I ended up helping out with my son in the procession holding a banner. The Piccy Trees were so colourful and every banner told a story about the area. 

My applique panel and other colourful pieces made at local centres and schools.
We set off from the Liskerret centre (a hub of local activity!)with a fab samba band.
And ended up at the fair!

Also in town were members of  the Sealed Knot, demonstating weapons and cooking from the time of the 1600's

A warm welcome at Stuart House (a place where King Charles the I'st stayed)


  1. Can't believe I missed it! We were down at the Lizard on Saturday - typical!

  2. Ooh, love the picture trees. Looks like a fun day!


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