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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Time Flies By.

I feel that I haven't stopped to draw breath recently. I have now finished all fairs, have some time off work, and have felt a tinge of christmas spirit.
As a quick recap, we took part in Liskeard's Lights Up where we made lanterns which we took through the town before the lights went on. I always laugh when the tree goes on as the lights only ever start halfway up.

Genies and a bit of Aladdins palace (I think)

A lovely boat.
There were loads of others including a fantastic Genies head with a moving jaw -you can see more on Flickr.
A few craft fairs and lots of cooking.

We like to think of Christmas as the winter festival, we love Carols and visit local churches searching for a meaning to all the madness! I'm not religious, but I love the memories of childhood christmas's and the story of the nativity. We are doing some work on the house which has meant -there is stuff and dust everywhere!
So sadly for the kids we don't have many decorations up.

A house full of dust.
So we have made some bits instead!

Homemade crackers.(very homemade!)

And a paper star.

I have content myself by looking at last years decorations instead.

What do I get for my decorations instead?

Old boots, no one will have a tea at ours again!

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