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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

cats and dolls.

I must firstly say thankyou to Birgitta at for awarding me the sunshine award! I will pass it on in the coming days. It was a great opportunity to see some other blogs.

I have found some great blogs over time and they really do inspire me to keep going.
Speaking of keeping going. I am still working on the dolls and I am experimenting with the idea of animal heads on dolls - inspired by various stories or fairy tales. My first try is a cat, inspired by Elizabeth Arden cat candles.

 I had already done a couple of painted versions, which have been sewn onto various bodies and then cut off (how cruel) because they didn't work.

I'm going to carry on with these -amongst other jobs!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Dolls finished.

I finished my folk inspired dolls, and have put two onto Folksy,I'm keeping one as a memory doll as it uses fabric from one of my mum and dads wedding gifts - a breakfast set with chicken placemats. All I had was the fabric and I wasn't sure what they were for, however, during some research I found  a set in its original packaging!

I also redid some photos of my french oeufs brooches and put them onto Folksy too.I thought I'd show the original inspiration for the brooch and my new chicken brooch which is on its way too.

The hooks are from France (obviously!) and I love their naive quality.
I can also see lots of new inspiration in my kitchen- watch this space.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

folk,and memory dolls.

I am still waiting for some vintage fabrics and lace to use in the postcard pictures.In the meantime I have been working on my folk inspired 'memory' dolls. I wanted to use retro style i.e. old fabric! so I could get more unplanned results, and I am really pleased with how they have come out.  

I wasn't sure about the hair, so I went back to my inspiration pictures of ladies in various costumes and redid the hair in felt.

The other things I have been doing are felt badges for easter. I like to try and make something for the children so that it isn't all chocolate. Although we do get through a fair bit of it!

Plus a bit of French inspiration.

I am going to put these onto Folksy in a mo seeing as the shops have had easter eggs for ages already! 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Julie Arkell, and collage inspiration.

I am working on a series of collages using collections of fabric, postcards, photos and buttons.
Some time ago I looked at Julie Arkell collage pieces, and love the way they give special significance to objects cards etc especially when they are hung on the wall.

I had recently made a collage using a robin card, left by the previous owner of our house. I wanted to, as in Arkells work, give it new meaning, and be able to see it - reminding me of the owner who is a lovely elderly lady who we still see for old fashioned tea!
I then waded through some photos and postcards to choose some more!
Then needed to sort into styles.
Brights and more quirky ladies. I especially like the birds.
I have just finished two collages from the childrens postcards, which are now on Folksy. Again, a while ago I had made a collage for our bedroom and I wanted the same feel for these new ones.
Above is a section of our bedroom one, and below is one of the new collages.
I'm quite pleased with them, and even with a bad cold I'm really keen to start on the others and then get round to collaging very special photos of mine which otherwise will stay in the cupboard.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Ceramics and Knitting.

Just a little post with a couple of pics. Firstly one of my favourite ceramics jar sets, and a couple of pics of my previous work in knit design.
The print above is by a very good friend of mine, who I hope will be joining the internet world soon?!!
The jars were made in Sweden.
I used to design knitted swatches, some of which were turned into various things including my children's stockings.

I must at some stage get back to doing some knitting!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Julie Arkell and all things curious.

I was bought up with regular visits to Brighton's 'Dolls in Wonderland Museum' and trips to antique and junk shops.My mum loved old bears, neglected dolls and curious things. So consequently I love these things too. I also love  the childlike quality of Julie Arkell's work. She seems to have an organised studio space with lots and lots of different materials. I'd love to have the amount of shelves she has, as it would be a good excuse to buy more stuff! All to use in work of course. I thought I'd share some of my 'little people' too, that are dotted around our house.

I know she needs a new hairstyle- I'm still thinking!

Above is a little rabbit I made a while ago, sitting with my favourite donkey and miserable looking tortoises.
That's the end of this little tour!

Mum and baby doll.

I have been working on a new doll to represent a mother and a child. I was influenced by the doll maker Mimi Kirchner who uses a lot of felt and vintage fabrics. I particularly like the idea of images on my dolls dresses or body shapes. I have had a go using painted calico for the head and legs which looked better than my first attempt in felt.  

Also thought I'd show you the calico rocking horse in progress.The rabbit is nearly finished, it just needs a little cute face.
I'd better get busy!
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