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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Vintage lace and peg dolls.

I have been getting a few bits ready to start at the local country market. I aim to get my food certificate soon and sell my cakes too, but till then I've got crafts to take. I eventually got round to sorting through some old lace I bought recently.
The lace included some (I think victorian) knickers, which
are falling apart so I wanted to photograph them for posterity.

I love the lace, and the tiny handmade button.
I also found my fragments of a 1920s dress which also needed photographing before they fall apart.
I love old beads, and these have a shell like lustre.

For a few years, all the fragments my magpie tendencies have amassed have been used in jewellery and dolls. I am making some peg dolls from the lace and old buttons.

Going through my 'bits tins' I found a charm bracelet I made years ago and some charms from my childhood.(Anyone old enough to remember 'Jackie' magazine may remember the palm tree charm!)

I'll put some new peg dolls on my Folksy shop soon. Bye for now!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Applique felt doll.

A very quick post to show you my new felt doll finished. She waited in the wings for a while , but now is very happy to be put together!
I have just put her on to folksy, and now I'm off to do some more work!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Applique doll and garden.

I did (luckily) make the most of the sun a few days ago and got out in the garden to dig a bigger veg plot. I get very enthusiastic about spring, and love growing veg and flowers. Unfortunately this tails off in the summer when the watering cans are needed. So I intend making this year better- I say the same each spring.
A little bit makeshift, but who cares! I used to have smaller beds which became impractical.
as here in the snow.
I have had a little time recently working on some more dolls. I was trying initially to make a purse - to save money ha ha.I soon discovered it didn't work and got very soggy in the rain. I did however like the way of working, so I tried it out on a doll.(I did give in and buy a purse)


I have a little someones birthday coming up so I'm off to check out some sites for non rocket fuel food -as if.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Back to Work!

I have had a few days off to clean up the house. Where does all the clutter and rubbish come from? Oh yes two children, a dog and a husband (in no particular order) Anyway, I have eventually put my new work onto Folksy. I have been working on some patterns for dolls that are slowly turning into cushions i.e. they are getting wider. I am also trying to find some lighter colour fabrics which remind me of spring / summer colours.
This doll was also inspired by the black and white of the cornish flag- without being too nationalistic!
I have also tried to make a few bits for a little persons birthday. I'm going to make the most of her wanting bits I've made, before it's too late!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

more dolls and brooches.

I have been busy making some more dolls and some new brooches. It takes me ages to find fabrics that -to my eyes-go together, so some dolls remain unfinished for ages. Here are some that are!
The one in the middle was inspired by the black and white of the cornwall flag. The other two are inspired by folky images.
I have been working on some more applique brooches using scraps of fabric

I loved the shape of the oeuf brooches that I made for easter, and I echoed it in these little pieces. I have got lots of still life pictures I have sketched and collaged in the past to use. Watch this space!

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