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Monday, 31 January 2011

The winner!

A fifty/ fifty chance ladies.Thanks for entering. Excuse the lack of pictures, but my camera is playing up at the mo. Ready with my wooly hat, the winner is.....a mermaids purse! If you send your details to my e.mail I'll have the fairy winging her way to you very soon!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I can't believe it's coming up to my blog anniversary. So as is customary I would like to give away of my cornish fairies.
She is handpainted and can be hung up by the ribbon.

A rather undignified back view, showing her wired wings.
If you would like to win her leave a message after this post, and I will draw a winner out soon.
I have had the odd creative moment, both weilding a paintbrush and a needle.
We had (found!)some useful frames which I primed and had a play with acrylic paints.

Not very interesting kitchen picures!!

I tried a few ideas, but only liked this one(above).

This one got turned around to house an earlier applique. I was thinking along the lines of Julie Arkel where she uses box frames.

Excuse the wonky picture.
I am happier with another applique I started a while back. I tried some tea staining to bring the fabrics together.

It's not finished yet, but it revisits the 'memory' applique idea using some of my mums fabrics. I have ideas for dolls treated in an equally naive way.
That's all for now happy creating!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy Hopefull New Year.

I always seem to have lots of ideas for the new year. They don't always work out, but I can't help it! I try to review my work and move on. We are STILL throwing out and recycling things we don't want. For me it's a real tonic to thinking of new work, as I decide what I really like.
In the new year I hope to set up with a group of other cornish makers, so watch this space. I am debating whether to stay on Folksy, because it hasn't been very successful for me- but it may be a good outlet one day?
If you haven't done already, check out Cathy Cullis's 365 challenge on her website- on my task bar-I too would like to try and work every day on something creative.
In the new year I would like to work more on my papier mache, and make the dolls suitable for children i.e read my trading standards notes properly! Maybe make some clothes for them etc.
I would like to work on these-



And this-
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