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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I can't believe it's coming up to my blog anniversary. So as is customary I would like to give away of my cornish fairies.
She is handpainted and can be hung up by the ribbon.

A rather undignified back view, showing her wired wings.
If you would like to win her leave a message after this post, and I will draw a winner out soon.
I have had the odd creative moment, both weilding a paintbrush and a needle.
We had (found!)some useful frames which I primed and had a play with acrylic paints.

Not very interesting kitchen picures!!

I tried a few ideas, but only liked this one(above).

This one got turned around to house an earlier applique. I was thinking along the lines of Julie Arkel where she uses box frames.

Excuse the wonky picture.
I am happier with another applique I started a while back. I tried some tea staining to bring the fabrics together.

It's not finished yet, but it revisits the 'memory' applique idea using some of my mums fabrics. I have ideas for dolls treated in an equally naive way.
That's all for now happy creating!


  1. ohhhh woweeeee such a beautiful doll ;0)x
    pleasey may i enter x
    love your artful frames x

  2. Wow looks great, it is beatiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    grt, Helmi


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