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Monday, 31 January 2011

The winner!

A fifty/ fifty chance ladies.Thanks for entering. Excuse the lack of pictures, but my camera is playing up at the mo. Ready with my wooly hat, the winner is.....a mermaids purse! If you send your details to my e.mail I'll have the fairy winging her way to you very soon!


  1. oh my day! what a wonderful day- how lucky am i ...i will look after her lovingly!!!!!
    THANK YOU SOOOOOO just about to email you xxxx

  2. my emails been playing up...wanted to contact you to say the beautiful doll has arrived!!!!
    its soooooo amazingly lovely!!! A wish come true!...Thank you soooo much!!!! x

  3. Hello there I just came along for a look after seeing your pretty work on a mermaids purse- I love your applique. Nice to meet you. Betty

  4. Hi there, what a great blog. Have now become a follower after seeing your work on Kazzy ~ Mermaids Purse ~ blog. Look forward to reading more.
    Justine x


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