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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

It's raining it's pouring.

            Although it's raining, it feels cosy inside,and I'm able to look at photos of sunny days!
I'm a real novice in the garden. So I thought if I buy plants in flower throughout the year I'd end up with a garden with colour all year-in theory anyway.
In couldn't resist these auriculas.

Which are the most gorgeous colours and shapes -I can feel a little piccy coming on!
I'm still working on a new website and am working on new work to go in it.
It will have my jewellery.

And also applique pictures.

Like this 'tea time'.
As well as other work .So I'll keep you posted.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Applique and other bits.

It seems a while since I had time to blog! My little girl had her birthday, so I thought I have to MAKE something for her, maybe using the fabric she's had her eye on- 'little fawn sky' from fabric rehab.

She seemed to like it.

I did swear that I would NEVER make another deer as it was SO fiddly, and it was the first thing she took off the bag!
I am still working together with some other makers to form a group - we will be called 'jellypebbles' (no relation to my dog) and when our page is up and running you'll be the first to know. I am also trying to set up my own shop, so  I'll be very busy!
The other thing I've been doing is plenty of applique, with images of gardens, chickens etc Here's a little preview.

I have to finish the edges of some of them possibly like the one below.

They are all handsewn continuing to be inspired by the embroiderer Janet Bolton.
Happy sewing.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Festival Doll.Vital Spark.

I have finished the stick doll for a little exhibition at 'Stuart House', Liskeard, Cornwall. The dates are March the 6th to March the 12th, 10am till 3pm. The exhibition is the result of the 'vital spark' project in Liskeard, including paintings, sculpture and embroidery by amateur and professional artists.

Here she- is minus bells which I've sewn on her dress. Bye for now!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Vital Spark.

A little post showing a few little ideas from recent work. I have really enjoyed a bit more painting in my sketchbook. I have also tried some ideas for dolls using fabric scraps.

Again inspired by Janet Bolton, some applique ideas and a rather flat lady- good as a bookmark though!
I'm also trying to complete a piece for Liskeard's 'vital spark', a collaboration between artists and dancers around the 'Fer Lyskerys' dance ( a dance for Liskeard!)
I thought about the literal side of processional fairs and festivals and moving dancers- even morris men(and ladies) and explored the idea of a doll which isn't static.
A doll for me that answers that is a 'poupard' doll - a doll on a stick which 'asks' to be picked up and twirled.

A calico base, and a twiggy stick.

Painted with acrylic, and dressed with scraps. She will have bells on after I've painted her face.
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