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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Vital Spark.

A little post showing a few little ideas from recent work. I have really enjoyed a bit more painting in my sketchbook. I have also tried some ideas for dolls using fabric scraps.

Again inspired by Janet Bolton, some applique ideas and a rather flat lady- good as a bookmark though!
I'm also trying to complete a piece for Liskeard's 'vital spark', a collaboration between artists and dancers around the 'Fer Lyskerys' dance ( a dance for Liskeard!)
I thought about the literal side of processional fairs and festivals and moving dancers- even morris men(and ladies) and explored the idea of a doll which isn't static.
A doll for me that answers that is a 'poupard' doll - a doll on a stick which 'asks' to be picked up and twirled.

A calico base, and a twiggy stick.

Painted with acrylic, and dressed with scraps. She will have bells on after I've painted her face.

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  1. What a lovely sketchbook - it's great being able to take a peep at what you've been up to. The doll looks super, really like the addition of movement to the piece.
    Good luck with the exhibition Felicity!


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