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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vintage cushion.

I thought I was going to put a quick message and list an item on Folksy, but everything is taking forever!
I have finished one of the cushions from the 1950s barkcloth fabric, and when I succede in listing it it will be on Folksy.
On that note, thanks for the lovely comments recently- I have tried to add my comment, but I can't get it to register. Must be gremlins in the works.

So after about 20 minutes of uploading here is one photograph!
Maybe it's Saturday madness.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Attic Dolls.

A quick post for Mary Ann to show the dolls belonging to the dresses!
It's an on-going process and I often swap things over. So at the moment they look like this.

She has a basic body shape with a painted face -which looks rather defiant!

The dress is made from antique lace and she has a little ceramic brooch in her hair.

The second attic doll also has a painted face lace dress and flower brooch, but has naive jointed limbs.

I painted red shoes on the first one (after the photo!) and I think the second doll needs boots or something.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


I have been having brainstorming work sessions that never seem to end.
I'm working towards our local Liskeard show and the homespun fair in Portscatho in August, plus approaching more shops- it's all go.
Here are a couple of piccies of current projects I'm trying to finish.
Some felt brooches on the go.
Quite different, a little applique and painted hanging.
And the first of a little dolls dress for the dolls I've already made.
I'm still working on the patchwork, but haven't decided yet what to do with it. I'm torn between using it in the house for something, but the amount the fabric ends up costing I feel I should sell bits made -Help!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Half Term Over.

The children are back at school, so I can catch up on bits and bobs.
Over half term I held my breath whilst little Eleanor made cakes all on her own!
She was sooo exited- more to do with licking the bowl I think.
And as if by magic Jacob appeared, and as in the Little Red Hen 'helped' in the eating.

I also wanted to show a little piccy Eleanor copied from a painting her dad had done.
Dans on the left. We both prefer Eleanors!

I've been very busy recently trying lots of different ideas. My brain is sometimes fit to explode unless I work through them. I've been buying charm packs of fabric to go with existing fabrics which will be made into bags I think.

I love the cloud nine leaf fabric from M is for make.
I'm using some charm packs for applique work about growing food.
That gets eaten by the birds!
I am trying to use canvases to streach work over (not streached yet)
Finally, I got some mini cards printed by moo, and was really pleased by the quality.

The slim shape fits the dolls really well.
Will show more new work soon!

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