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Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm enjoying doing a bit of watercolour at the moment. It's inspired by - again- things that I like!

I love the old postcards showing various portraits.

Plus a little one of Dan my husband, over 20 years ago! looking out to sea from a bungalow right on the beach in Bracklesham Bay where he used to live. I've added a little copy of a Mary Fedden still life for good measure.

Those were the days!

Saturday, 15 October 2011


A quick note to say, I appreciate the lovely comments I still can't however leave any comments on my site (due to an imput error!?)still can't fix it.
I commented recently on loving the rain! I don't take it back, I am still inspired by it added to by some wonderful watery paintings by David Hockney. I have copied a few from the book 'Hockney's Pictures' by Thames and Hudson, so I thought I'd share them -Thanks Paula if you're reading this!

'Wolds way' copy of Hockney
and 'The Road to Ruston'

Copy of 'East Yorkshire, spring' Hockney
I love the patterning in the landscape.

Copy of 'The Red Chair' Hockney
Love the simplicity of this - the look anyway - the fat drops of rain and the reflections. 

A rather pale copy of 'Lovely Day With Puddles'


Sunday, 9 October 2011

New paintings.

Here I go with another post! I find my blogs echo my life -a creative flurry and then silence......another burst and then quiet again.... 
So here goes..

Here's a small section of my inspiration wall with copies of Mary Fedden, various postcards, and two little birds one from Zimbabwe sounds impressive but I bought it from the Liskeard Show! Also a felt picture from a Fowey craft fair (mybeadyeye)

I'm trying hard not to 'fill in ' the background as I love the space around the shapes, and feel that I ruin them after overdoing it.

Like this one from an earlier blog post.

I preferred it before.

And finally this painting inspired by my wall.


My husband was tidying (or titying about as I was about to write) the loft, and came across some old work of mine. He thought I ought to post it for posterity.
It was a college project ( the late 1980's) for a design for the 'Strand Theatre' curtain, and I got through to the last three.

Sadly it wasn't chosen. Still looking on the good side we have one less paper thin thing in the loft.

Monday, 3 October 2011


After such a gorgeous weekend I thought I'd post a few pictures of a visit to Heligan (the first!)
we had on Sunday.
One of the many sunny pumpkins.

Beautiful weathered terracotta pots and rows and rows of cabbages.

Little nests and other earthy finds in the potting shed.

Lovely shaped (rather rude suggestions from hubby!) gourds.

And lastly - I thought todays new builds were small-

Here's a little one up one down gardeners cottage.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

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