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Sunday, 9 October 2011

New paintings.

Here I go with another post! I find my blogs echo my life -a creative flurry and then silence......another burst and then quiet again.... 
So here goes..

Here's a small section of my inspiration wall with copies of Mary Fedden, various postcards, and two little birds one from Zimbabwe sounds impressive but I bought it from the Liskeard Show! Also a felt picture from a Fowey craft fair (mybeadyeye)

I'm trying hard not to 'fill in ' the background as I love the space around the shapes, and feel that I ruin them after overdoing it.

Like this one from an earlier blog post.

I preferred it before.

And finally this painting inspired by my wall.


  1. I love the new paintings, I agree thought that I also prefer the 'before' with a quieter background, it's still great though. Beth (The Linen Cat)

  2. Lovely use of colour on these paintings.


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