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Monday, 28 November 2011

I wanted a wolf.

Since making the Kirchner doll I was inspired by using the felt again and I have been trying to make a new pattern for a wolf inspired by my childhood book of little red riding hood.
I decided to try paper to get a better idea of the 3D pattern idea.

The one behind is hiding his rather skinny legs.
It didn't look much like a wolf , but I decided to see how the shape worked in pink felt -as I've got a lot of pink!
And I've ended up with piglet!
Back to the drawing board with a longer nose.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mimi Kirchner Doll.

I have been making my own patterns for so long, I'd forgotten how using someone elses pattern can help you look at things in a different way. I recently tried Mimi Kirchner's felt doll pattern (below) from purlbee.I was surprised how robust the felt was when it was sewn by hand. I've used a machine before and it has ripped.

The instructions were very clear.

I loved doing all the details on the dress, but need a bit of practice on the face.

But I had no complaints from Eleanor.

I might try the other hairstyles!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Rabbits and birds.

I've been quite distracted recently with our pets,sometimes I feel like I'm on a farm- Which I love!

I have found a bit of time to move my workspace AGAIN so I stop using every surface in the house to work on. 

I'm finishing off another still life.

A bit more stitching needed.
I've also started some work on mums and babies in applique - just trials drawn from family photographs, to see what happens.

And finally, those little distractions. A scene of domestic bliss.

Dad shut out after a night on the town.

Monday, 7 November 2011

New applique.

I have been working on some applique pictures which have gone into a lovely gallery in Fowey called 'White Doll Arts', visit if you get a chance as it is full of gorgeous gifts.

This seagull was the one that ate my chips.

A still life.

And finally a new mum and baby decoration. I've had a little sort out of my shop to make a gallery of examples of work. If you haven't so far take a look at
That's all for now.Byeee. 

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