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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mimi Kirchner Doll.

I have been making my own patterns for so long, I'd forgotten how using someone elses pattern can help you look at things in a different way. I recently tried Mimi Kirchner's felt doll pattern (below) from purlbee.I was surprised how robust the felt was when it was sewn by hand. I've used a machine before and it has ripped.

The instructions were very clear.

I loved doing all the details on the dress, but need a bit of practice on the face.

But I had no complaints from Eleanor.

I might try the other hairstyles!


  1. She's turned out a treat! I love sewing onto felt. Stick with it Felicity x

  2. I love this post, she has turned out lovely! I also rarely use other people's patterns but I'm making some bags for presents and find it hard not to tangent off in my own direction mid way through. Daft really as I have no doubt the making method given is by far the easiest. Beth/the linen cat


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