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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dolls, hearts and baskets.

I have been quite busy recently, going with the flow which has led me to vintage textiles, dolls and patchwork baskets. I have got my folksy shop up and running again, although it was very slow, does anyone else find this? It needs filling! I have had a creative burst of energy and have made some new dolls and heart decorations, ready for valentines day.
The angel on the left is minus her arms and wings. Some of the fabrics are vintage and the others are from fabric rehab .
The other make was a little heart with embroidered birds, just right for valentines day!

I love the little birds (maybe singing loudly to eachother!)
The other thing that I have been meaning to do for ages, was to make the pink penguin fabric basket.
I made my own size, and I liked the way they go with my applique pictures, as I used the same fabric bundle.The handles are from my sons (never worn) belt, I knew it would be useful one day! That's a sure sign of a hoarder.

The baskets are lined, and I found the instuctions easy to follow- great for using up fabric scraps.
I have to go now to give the poor angel some arms and wings!


  1. I've just updated and re-stocked my Folksy store and agree, it is a slow process, I have to reward myself with wine after I list products! Love the new fairies, lovely fabrics. Beth :) (the linen cat)


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