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Monday, 27 February 2012

Easter goodies.

I have been staring at a blank wall for a few days, it's really hard to choose special things when there are soooo many! I have made a start and I can show you what else I've been up to.

A rather sad looking wall, but I do like the Alexander Girard paper from Lagom

A cobbled together wall of inspiration and current work.

I have been making little Easter pockets to be filled with chocolate!!!
They will be available in my Folksy shop soon at £7.50 each.
They have vintage fabric 'inners' and a linen and calico printed outer piece.

I love the vintage images.

I love the little rabbits, speaking of which, we have five jumping free in the garden, which is a lovely distraction as we had to put our dog Pebbles to sleep a few days ago and I can't believe how empty the house feels.

Eleanor and nuggles.
Below Pebbles 2006-2012

Friday, 17 February 2012

Shrine to Family History.

As you probably realise,we don't do minimal in our house.Sentimental things are crammed into drawers until I feel like going through them. The time feels right to just keep special bits, and through inpiration on the internet, I have an idea of how to tackle the mountain.
I find the most difficult thing to go through are the childrens artwork and scribblings.
How do other people deal with the tide of things?

The above picture is in the book 'Ethnic Style' by Miranda Innes, and shows a 'shrine to family history'. I like this idea as a way of appreciating the fragments of history I have tucked away.
I have also been inspired by Dottie Angel's 'bits and bobs' wall below, I love this with my magpie tendencies. 

I have my eye on a wall in our front room. Oh! I'm now informed it's for a large picture, and my 'bits' will have to go in the little studio. So be it!
I'll keep you posted, I have a few days off!! 

I recently found a really cute donkey embroidery, and so had to put it in a heart!
It's in my Folksy shop now!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A little Sunshine.

A bit of sun certainly lifts the spirits! I got round to baking yesterday, another little lift.

I even managed some rockcakes and froze some. It doesn't look like many! Oh yes -the children came home.
I have also done a little more painting work inspired by photos of work (!) Sounds confusing, but I find I bounce ideas from one media to another.

Maybe because of the sunshine I have been looking at things in the house. It does highlight the need to revamp and paint! Now the only thing is to persuade Dan to let the light in! A la Dottie Angel.
We want a new room!

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