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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Homespun Style.

I've just got the book 'Homespun Style' by Selina Lake. It's a lovely book to see during this sunny weather, with inspiring light bright interiors.Here are a few of my favourite bits. Excuse the bleached photos!
The above picture is from the authors home.I like the idea of the hankie bunting.

These childrens rooms were my favourite pages in the book. They show show the home of Shella Anderson.
I wish my fabrics looked like this!
There were some beautiful ceramics by Arendal Keramic.
There are loads of other vintage modern interiors to see too.
I used the book to photograph some ceramic experiments of my own! Not coloured yet....

Happy creating!


  1. I wish for rooms like this also.....and all that lovely fabric!!

  2. Yes and what organization too!

  3. Oh, magazines can be so inspiring. And wel organized fabrics, that woold be fantastic!

  4. I just received the book too. Such uplifting ideas. I love your pottery experiments. Can't wait to see them finished

  5. Thankyou Julie. I'm thinking about the colours to use.


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