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Monday, 30 April 2012

Vintage fabric bag, 2!

Just a quick post to show a new bag - it's quite addictive this bag making!

I've used a vintage barkcloth fabric, a cheerful apron and some new fabrics.

Readymade pocket from the apron!

Outside on a calm day!
Today we woke up to a fence panel inches from the back door, just next to where I'm standing in the photo, luckily it didn't break the glass.
Hope you all have a good day!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Fabric by Alice Apple.

I have recently bought some beautiful bold fabric by Alice Apple. I bought a sample pack from Etsy which is a great way of trying out lots of her designs on smaller projects or to use for patchwork.

After a visit to the opticians I decided I MUST look after my glasses! So I made myself a glasses case.
It's an early trial, but it will do the job.

I appliqued a design and added batting on the back for cushioning.Sewed it like a bag with a backing in another of her fabrics, adding more padding.
Here it is finished, although I sewed the ribbon loop on the wrong side.

Complete with spotty lining.

Now all I have to do is to find my glasses!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vintage fabric bag.

I have been meaning to make a bag with some of my vintage fabrics, and other reclaimed bits for ages, and finally did yesterday!

I'm very pleased with how it came out. I even found a place for a button made by my grandmother!
I do believe there will be a 'right' place for some(!) of the things that I keep. 
I'm going to make a few more and see how they come out.

I have been quite busy this week with a couple of jewellery orders. I don't blog much about my jewellery work, so I took a snap of my ideas tray.

I love some simple glass droplets that I have, so I made some rainbows to use them - quite apt with the weather we're having!
One of my jobs to do next is to update -i.e. add MORE to my Etsy shop and add it to my side bar!!
I have recently joined pinterest - very addictive, and another for the side bar.
Happy Creating!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Childrens artwork.

I know as a parent you think your childrens work is wonderful whatever it is. I am however inspired watching my daughter draw and paint.
As Picasso spent the whole of his life trying to draw like a child I think it's time well spent.
I find that pictures from the children are creeping in to my work!
The window in the above picture.....( My painting! if you thought it was a childs - I'm halfway there!)

Eleanors picture from quite a while ago.

I'm still working on the ceramics and papier mache pieces.

I made some shapes a few weeks ago which I've overpainted so many times!
Actually, looking at them now I prefered them with just the newspaper..mmm.

A rather too tight painting on the back one...
So I let spontenaity (!?) take over.

On the back.
I'm going to try a crackle glaze on the ceramic plaques.
We have a slight distraction in our house. Rabbit sized.
After vets visits and lots of neutering our 5 rabbits lived happily together... but the vet got one wrong.....and we ended up with MORE babies, two, but sadly one died.
We are rearing the little one inside, and seems to think that hubby is his mummy.

I hasten to add. Another rabbit is not an ideal situation, but whilst he/she is here we will make it very welcome.
Happy Creating!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage items.

I'm selling a few vintage items. They are on facebook today and will end up on Ebay if not sold.
You can find them by clicking on my facebook page and going to my Eclectichandmade page if you're interested! Or you can e.mail me at
Lovely little retro childs oven glove.(£5.50)

A handmade needlepoint piece.(£9.00)

A cross stitch piece. (£3.50)

And lastly the sweet pea embroidery I've shown before.
(only £7.00)
Postage and packing is extra.
At the weekend I found some prints in a secondhand shop by the cornish artist Sophie Harding. I really love them. They haven't found a proper home yet, but I took a picture to show you. I love their bold naive look. I don't know anything about these, when they may be from? I have seen the cottages she does. If anyone knows leave me a message!

I like a nice cuppa tea and a lemon!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Cookies.

I've spent a little time in the kitchen, inspired by a lovely book 'Cupcakes and Cookies' by Frances Mcnaughton and Lisa Slatter.
My daughter loves making sweet things and although we didn't make the same cookies as the book ( we did use the dough recipe which was good), we loved the pictures. 
I loved the little house biscuits.

And the colourful rockets.

Look at the concentration!
They are very different! Teeth achingly sweet, but she really enjoyed it.
Later as a special bonus, Jacob cooked dinner- thankyou school technology lessons!
Healthy fish and chips.
Happy Easter!

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