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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vintage wallpaper.

I am still making jewellery, which in this cooler weather is taking ages to dry.
I have also tried photographing work - which is not my forte!
Even on a tripod they come out blurry.
I did manage a few that were O.K.
I have been trying to sort bits out in my studio, and I am still working on my 'bits and bobs' ( from dotty angel) wall. I bought some old -vintage I should say! wallpaper and it reminded me of the colouring on grandad pyjamas, the stripey type. I got out some other papers I had, and  quickly albeit a bit wonkily made something anew.
From This,

To this.
Excuse the blurry picture!
I also clothed two tiny babes.
In scraps of fabric.

They are very tiny - even the matchbox is a mini one.
I think I'll make them a tiny quilt too.

I have also been working on my website to make it a bit clearer! I have found my shop difficult because it doesn't take the item off when it's sold, so with one off pieces it's impossible to use. So I have just got jewellery for sale, and an archive of work with links to Folksy. I'll see how it goes!
Any feedback is welcome.
Happy Creating!

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