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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nettle soup.

Thankyou for all your helpful comments on my last post. Just to follow up, the gallery that takes my jewellery has declined the dolls, so has given me a bit of room to think some more!
I have taken bags off  Folksy and put them in a local shop, so I can hopefully get some interest. A good excuse to buy more fabric. I do find it really hard to turn down opportunities in case they are steps forward.
I like to make the money we do earn go as far as possible, and so I love a good old forage!
Today I wanted to try nettle soup. I know it's not the best time of year, but as I've had a horrid cold and cough, I read it was good for that and many other things.
(when I read about other ailments I think- Oh yes I have that ...and that ...and...) 
 The soup I make always turns out the same colour!
Chop all the veg up, fry an onion and garlic, add the veg - anything you have to hand.
Add a stock cube or two and cook through. Then blend.
Lovely with garlic bread.
Thinking of nature and gardens I couldn't resist a couple more Eden pictures.
I love the little house in the tropical dome. It may be daft, but I love the washing hanging out,
at least it would dry in there, unlike mine!
And the veggy plot outside.
I love the willow frames.
Apparently slugs don't like red lettuce, can this be true?
Such a lovely sheltered site.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Cornish Lavender Bags.

I have been busy with orders recently, and received an enquiry about my dolls. They are time consuming, so I feel a little stuck because to sell wholesale or sale or return means a tiny wage!
So because I like a challenge, I set about designing something 'cornish' that tourists may like to buy (here's hoping!)
I came up with lavender ladies- using my painting imagery but stuffed (!)

A tea fairy.She was going to have a cream tea but the scones looked wrong.
And two blatantly Cornish designs.
 When I showed my hubby regarding pricing, he suggested someone may pay ......Ooooh
£3.50 ? Ooh eer that means I would get mmm- oh yes about £1.75.
When I did my initial pricing they worked out at about £4.00 to me £8.00 in the shops.
Do you find your pricing really disheartening?
Or maybe I shouldn't ask my hubby!
Talking about lavender bags, you must pop over and see Beths designs at The Linen Cat
She has made some gorgeous fruity designs.
Bye for now.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Vintage fabric and lace.

I have been stopping every now and then in my studio tidy when I come across inspiring bits.
I have made another bag.
A bold green fabric with a shocking pink lining, and a 1960's button.
Finding little pieces of fabric sometimes inspires an idea.
Little scraps of vintage lace for lacy dress lavender bags.
The little red strawberry was from a charity shop and the other was made using the Molly Makes strawberry article. Yum.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Studio Tidy and beaded jewellery.

I have been quite busy lately, and have ended up with a cold. My body is telling me to slow down.
I have done my best to ignore it however.
I have really enjoyed a good sort out of my studio. I have looked for a long time at  artists such as Julie Arkell. I like the way she has LOADS of her creations on the walls and endless shelves with little treasures that are easy to see.
I want a little bit of that! For me I need to see past work to move on.
Luckily I can shut the room when it gets too much, but here's a few piccys of the first stage.
Plenty more room for more fabrics!
I have to work round a loft ladder so it creates a few awkward corners.
I'm busy with a few jewellery orders, hence the mess!
A few jellyfish earring swimming to Fowey!
I hope you are able to enjoy these few sunny days.
Happy creating.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gardening and Eden.

It's been such lovely weather and luckily we had family for a few days to enjoy it too!
We had a visit to the Eden Project which was as you can imagine HOT.
I loved the vegetables outside.
Very impressive,but wonder how you'd pick them without trampling on the rest?
In the tropical dome there was another veggy plot - a bit more like mine at home!

And a lovely shaped structure that hubby liked.
I'm putting in an order for our garden!
I've been busy in the garden trying to keep up with the seeds and weeds.
They are a bit stunted looking compared to Eden, but who cares we've already eaten lettuce.

As you can see we're fenced to the hilt to stop the rabbits munching any if they escape.

Of course Liquorice didn't eat the hosta.
Bye for now.
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