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Friday, 29 June 2012

Cornish Lavender Bags.

I have been busy with orders recently, and received an enquiry about my dolls. They are time consuming, so I feel a little stuck because to sell wholesale or sale or return means a tiny wage!
So because I like a challenge, I set about designing something 'cornish' that tourists may like to buy (here's hoping!)
I came up with lavender ladies- using my painting imagery but stuffed (!)

A tea fairy.She was going to have a cream tea but the scones looked wrong.
And two blatantly Cornish designs.
 When I showed my hubby regarding pricing, he suggested someone may pay ......Ooooh
£3.50 ? Ooh eer that means I would get mmm- oh yes about £1.75.
When I did my initial pricing they worked out at about £4.00 to me £8.00 in the shops.
Do you find your pricing really disheartening?
Or maybe I shouldn't ask my hubby!
Talking about lavender bags, you must pop over and see Beths designs at The Linen Cat
She has made some gorgeous fruity designs.
Bye for now.


  1. Oh I know EXACTLY how you feel, I agonised over wholesale enquiries when I first got them, but after working out all my pricing it just doesn't scale for me with my current product range. I do sell through some craft shops who are very kind to me and take a much smaller percentage than is normal but I decided I would need to shove my prices right up or design differently to truly move into the trade market. It's supposed to be a decision I make this year, my first at home with no children during the day.

    Never ask you husband, if he's like mine (ie clueless).

    I think your new lavender ladies are lovely and couldn't imagine paying less than 8 for something like that, in fact I would pay more, but then you have to find a price that will bring the most sales I guess.

    Thanks so much for the link back. Bethx

  2. OoH the thorny subject of pricing. It is upsetting when you have to turn down an order because it's not financially viable. Good luck with your lovely Cornish Ladies. I agree with Beth - can't be less than £8 Felicity!

  3. I think thats a good price, reasonable for something so unique and regional.
    The most important thing is be confident in your work and to not budge. I like the teapot one , I instantly recognized the cornishware.
    Maybe you could make up a small card and have it copied on a color copier to attach that explains about the cornishware and to let the customer know you are local. If I was in a shop in Cornwall, being an American, and saw that, it would be the thing that would push me into buying. I think your things are wonderful~

  4. Never, never ask your husband!! I have had exactly the same experience! These are lovely and £8 seems cheap, considering the amount of work, but having said that, I have no money to buy anything anyway! If you need to gain some confidence about pricing, take a look at some London based shops, like Liberty or Selvedge, and see the prices they charge for individually made pieces. But I know it's not easy!!

  5. Hi Felicity, I think your lavender bags are absolutely lovely. I've been in The Cotswolds today where I saw an item of similar scale/quality and it was priced at £7.50 so I would say stick with it. You can always come down if they don't sell but you would never know if you don't try at the price you need/want to sell at.It is so tricky. Have a look at the Etsy labs section, they have a few videos of people talking about their pricing systems, I watched it and felt all fired up to take on the world!!!

  6. Thankyou for all your really helpful comments, and taking the time to give your thoughts. It has given food for thought on many things,labelling- on my next Moo order I could include 'made in Cornwall'in the text, and I'll have a look at the Etsy videos section. And I'll ignore my husbands idea of pricing!


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