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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gardening and Eden.

It's been such lovely weather and luckily we had family for a few days to enjoy it too!
We had a visit to the Eden Project which was as you can imagine HOT.
I loved the vegetables outside.
Very impressive,but wonder how you'd pick them without trampling on the rest?
In the tropical dome there was another veggy plot - a bit more like mine at home!

And a lovely shaped structure that hubby liked.
I'm putting in an order for our garden!
I've been busy in the garden trying to keep up with the seeds and weeds.
They are a bit stunted looking compared to Eden, but who cares we've already eaten lettuce.

As you can see we're fenced to the hilt to stop the rabbits munching any if they escape.

Of course Liquorice didn't eat the hosta.
Bye for now.


  1. I have to say your lettuce was wonderful! So was Eden but the company was what made it even more special. Thank you for a wonderful vacation. Good luck with the rest of your veggies. I miss you all, including Licorice. Xx

  2. Hi, I came across your blog while 'blog-surfing' and your way of life resonates with me. Your craft items are inspiring.

    The Eden Project is well worth a visit, I agree. We went a couple of years ago and it's probably time to make the trip to visit again.
    Your veggie plot looks fantastic. :)

  3. Thankyou! Miss you too, did you have to take the weather with you though? Lovely to meet you Ariella, and thankyou for your kind comments.

  4. I've always fancied a visit to the Eden Project. Your rabbit proofing makes me laugh, we have such a big problem here with wild rabbits that I had to rabbit proof the entire vegetable patch, the first year they ate everything in 2 days and I could have cried. In fact, as I type this there are 6 bunnies in the garden eating the grass. Bethx (the linen cat)

  5. I had the same feeling when the rabbits demolished our veg, but I've no excuse as we keep them! We hadn't been that much to the Eden Project even living close, but we bought a season ticket, and now the children are older it's a nice place to go. For one visit however it seemed quite expensive at £23 for each adult!


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