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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Studio Tidy and beaded jewellery.

I have been quite busy lately, and have ended up with a cold. My body is telling me to slow down.
I have done my best to ignore it however.
I have really enjoyed a good sort out of my studio. I have looked for a long time at  artists such as Julie Arkell. I like the way she has LOADS of her creations on the walls and endless shelves with little treasures that are easy to see.
I want a little bit of that! For me I need to see past work to move on.
Luckily I can shut the room when it gets too much, but here's a few piccys of the first stage.
Plenty more room for more fabrics!
I have to work round a loft ladder so it creates a few awkward corners.
I'm busy with a few jewellery orders, hence the mess!
A few jellyfish earring swimming to Fowey!
I hope you are able to enjoy these few sunny days.
Happy creating.


  1. It's all looking very organized. I love looking at other peoples work spaces, you've got so many interesting bits and bobs x

  2. Oh my it looks so lovely....what have you been up to lately?

  3. Hi ladies, I've had quite a few orders to fulfill,whilst trying not to get too behind on other jobs- Oh lets face it- I've lost the battle of housework! Making things is much more exiting!

  4. It does look very organised, I love those jellyfish earrings, I definitely think you should list your jewellery with your textiles on Folksy, they do all have a nice continuity. Look after yourself, I hope you are feeling better soon, always good to listen to your body. Bethx

  5. You will love this tidy and beaded


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