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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Another little picture. I have got another order to complete for my jewellery, and then I find it goes a little quiet, so time for cleaning the house-if I have to! I seem to have developed an allergy,coughing and sneezing, which I'm telling myself is NOT due to dusty fabrics, but it's very annoying as I can't get a decent nights sleep.

I don't think it is finished yet as having photographed it, the jug seems to be floating!
With school holidays just days away I feel a bit overwhelmed with expectations. I want to do a sort of timetable (sounds a bit rigid I know!) to make sense of work I need to do and what the children want to do. The ultimate aim for me is to keep the kids from too much T.V. and electronic games.
Whether I win or loose at least I can try!
Have a good evening!

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