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Sunday, 26 August 2012

'Country Living' streusel, jam and rabbit houses.

A little cooking and rabbit post, Oops not a cooking rabbit post -a jam and streusel cooking and rabbit house one. I've been blackberry picking, and made some greengage jam.
I froze some of the blackberries and made jam with the rest -I sieved it and weighed it -ran out of enough heavy weights!
I usually weigh the fruit and use the same amount of sugar.
So after counting the greengage jam (which didn't quite set but tastes yummy anyway!)
I am ten jars of jam up!
My labelled jars are functional but not photogenic!
I also tried the 'Country Living' streudel.
I only bought a few plums to cover it.
I varied the recipe slightly and left out the hazelnuts.
I made a dough from:-
150ml milk
7g dried yeast (recipe says 30g!! I thought that would make about eight loaves and give me thrush to boot)
110g oz caster sugar
225g plain flour
225g strong white bread flour
2 medium eggs
100g soft butter.
I made this into a dough and left it to rise until doubled in size, then made a topping:-
100g demerara sugar
50g soft butter
1 tsp cinnamon.
Rolled the dough out to about half an inch in thickness, and spread the topping and added some more demerara sugar.
It went in the oven for 10 mins at gas 6 then 20 mins at gas 4.
Kids thought is was a tomato pizza.
It was a soft dough and not too sweet.
Also a little update on the rabbit homes.
Our garden now looks like a rabbit rescue centre, but at least they are safe and cosy - well they will be when we make the windows!
This is Bumbles house.
This is Liquorices house.
And this is Cinnamon settling in.
Hope you are all having a good summer despite the rain!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Thrift store hunting.

I much prefer the term thrift store, than charity shops as we say in the U.K.
I love seeing what treasure other bloggers find, and although I visit said shops a lot, I don't tend to post what I find. So as a summer resolution - here are a few thing I got recently.
A gorgeous childs knitted cardi.
A tiny brooch, maybe a swiss tourist brooch? with a tiny bell.

Two vibrant tea towels - helps to get through boring dish drying.

And a piece of 1950's barkcloth.
We have all been busy in the garden cutting and replanting. Generally making room for our rabbits. They are loose so have eaten most things unless they are wired off.
So... cue rabbit houses first stage.

Hubby made 4 as the rabbits don't all get on
so they need to be in separate houses.

Windows and ramps need finishing off and then they will be put in situ. More piccys to follow!
Hope you have been able to make the most of the weather!

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