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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Three bags full.

I am sitting down now for a rest after MORE blackberrying and cooking. For a long time now I find I go around supermarkets NOT buying - looking at things and thinking -I can make that or that's full of rubbish or too expensive. If you are into budgeting take a look at  the frugal queens blog which is full of money saving tips and down to earth common sense.
Back to my cooking. There is nothing better than free foraged food! So an unexpected blackberrying trip bagged three bags of them. Most were frozen, but a few made a crumble ( a small one!)
Also as you can see I made fairy cakes with pink glitter.
I try to make sweet bits for lunchboxes,so I dare say my son will opt for the flapjacks instead!
I do have a few gizmos and gadjets in the kitchen like mixers and processors, and use them to make things in bulk for when time is tight. I also have a breadmaker which- inspired by the frugal queens blog and all her comments -will be out more often. If there is one thing I can't eat, it's cheap bread,so I do buy at the local bakery too often for my budget!
I have this week done some applique work as well as beginning to tackle my Etsy shop, thinking more clearly about what I make.
So in the pipeline is a shop with handmade items and found and repaired or remade things.
So watch this space!


  1. Your baking looks really yummy especially your fairy cakes. It's funny you mention the frugal queen's blog I stumbled across it the other day, it's really good isn't it.

    I'll look forward to seeing your online shop, your work is lovely x

  2. I love the idea of pink glitter fairy cakes! I made the blood red velvet cake from "fairy tale food" (by lucie cash, I think) earlier this week and that involved a lot of glitter. Your applique is rather lovely, I look forward to seeing your revamped Etsy shop, I need to get my shops into order as well. Beth/thelinencat xx


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