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Friday, 26 October 2012

Salley Mavor vimeo video

I wanted to save and show this lovely film giving a look into the  work of Salley Mavor, found via Mimi Kirchner. I love seeing her studio and her use of driftwood in the work shown.
I have been quiet for a while, and I'm still in a period of work and contemplation.


  1. Completely weirdly I spent this morning stalking Salley Mavor's blog, so it was totally delightful to watch this lovely film! Her work is amazing.

    Hope all is well with you and it's a positive kind of quiet contemplation.

    Bethx (thelinencat)

    1. Great minds! I do like being able to save the things that interest me on my blog.I'm always waiting for the next computer crash.I have been a quiet observer of blogs lately,the contemplation is going well!!The jewellery is ticking along,and I'm trying lots of different ideas.


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