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Friday, 23 November 2012

De-cluttering- I did it my way.

My way was to not de-clutter!
I have had some time off blogging, I have however been finding other blogs and enjoying lovely pictures etc..I find so many like minded people! I tend to go for blogs to see around interiors and collectors of stuff. I also love the thrifty blogs, homesteading, and of course crafty ones. I like alternate views to too much consumerism, home schooling, fires, home cooking and pantries! (is that how you spell it?) I've taken a few pics of a bit of nesting in our home.
With so many school trips coming up not to mention Christmas, I've tried to spend only on necessary things. So I have just rearranged what I already have, and haven't got rid of much hence the non- decluttering, trying to 'arrange' things instead.
I love birds, especially Robins, the little glass dome was a gift bought last year by my children, it was the first time they had gone out on their own to buy something for Christmas. My son was sad because he wanted to buy me this or that, something he perceived as more valuable..  this was perfect and made me cry! I have quite a few things from my childhood, and the most precious things are those that are handmade.
I can remember being in the classroom in year 6 making the little rabbit - no change there then!
Little grey rabbits house was another from my childhood.
Anyone for tea?
A bit more sorting to do.
I've found a few Christmas bits and bobs that are waiting for their turn.
It's too early!
Byee for now.


  1. What sweet treasures in your basket......Happy Weekend!

  2. I love this post, such fabulous things! As you might have seen on my blog, I have rather a lot of 'clutter' including a rabbit light (mine is a hospital version), in fact I am home right now visiting my Mum and have an extra suitcase to take back full of yet more things from my husband is going to LOVE me ;) Bethx

  3. Hope you have/had a good time! Although it can clutter us up,I feel quite lucky my Mum kept lots of things, at least it gives me the choice as to what to keep. I also love the window into the past.


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