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Friday, 30 November 2012

Just thought I'd show you the little cabinet I posted ages ago, as I finally finished the inside!
As you will see tomorrow I made an advent ... Without the pockets, so I was looking around the house for something to use for the countdown.
I know there aren't 24! I'm going to label some boxes twice- with little tags.
So in theory it should work,sssssh and I'm going to put some thrifted things and maybe the odd sweet.
 All the items including the cupboard were from jumble sales, boot fairs or skips.
My favourite are the little skiing pair.
The paper I covered it in is by Alexander Girard.
I'd better get labelling!


  1. This is beautiful, what a great idea! It doesn't matter if it's not got 24 drawers! :)

  2. It is indeed beautiful, and I love the vintage finds, for me the Bambi stye deers are the cutest. Bethx


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