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Friday, 30 November 2012

Lights up in Liskeard and other things.

A couple of new members of the family that I bought yesterday.
Twin deer, and a funny little man from the USSR.
As you may be aware it has turned cold in the U.K! Not as cold as many of you may be used to.
We're lucky enough to have a multi fuel stove, and I thought I'd pop my veg on and it didn't take long at all.
Domesti bliss (please excuse the laundry!) If you have a burner and haven't cooked on it give it a go, it took no time at all, and the veg was ready before everything else.I have cooked baked potatoes (in Foil) inside before now-they were a bit unevenly cooked but edible.
In Liskeard we have an event called 'lights up' with giant lanterns made of paper and willow. Both our children are in it. It is lovely to walk through the town. One year there were more IN the procession than watching it! It's a lovely start to christmas,and ends in the town lights being turned on and some fireworks,it usually rains, but tomorrow it may be dry! and it gets better each year-watch out Truro-our lanterns have colour! 
Have a good day!


  1. I love your dish and that little wooden suited man how cute is he. Your home looks sos cozy......take care Heidi

  2. Love your finds F!
    (We sometimes boil the kettle on our woodburner - never thought that we could give the veg a whirl too! Thanks for the tip.)

  3. How cosy your home looks - we have an old French stove and used to use it in our previous home (burnt most things I recall!). Lovely bits!
    Best wishes


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