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Sunday, 25 November 2012


As I said in my last post I've been sorting out a few things. One of the things I do- to cut down journeys- is to stock up on things. Under the stairs in our house we had an old fashioned storage room complete with meat hooks. It has a slate floor and stays a constant temperature, so we shelved it and stored stuff! It's really making a virtue of a pitch dark room that can't be used for anything else.
I'm trying to plan meals, shopping etc.. but I'm never very good at it, and always forget something.
I found a blog recently- Our Handmade Home- with a plan that makes sense so I'm going to give it a go!
How does everyone else manage?
I'm lucky to have a handy husband, so having quite a lot of books as well, he has made a large shelf in the hall. It's a bit in yer face but we can find the books we want quite easily.
It was made from odd bits of wood and stood for AGES unpainted and waiting for doors, but now even with all the books I don't mind it without doors.
(I'll post a piccy with the books at a later date!)
To continue with the sorting theme, I recently found the rabbit postcard (Racey Helps) for 5p, and the plate a while ago for 25p,and I love it!
Little dolls -plenty of room for more!
Same with this cabinet, but not until after Christmas, and only if it's a few pennies!


  1. I always try to plan meals too but I seem to only be able to keep it up for a few weeks and then I can't be bothered! I'll take a look at your link and see if it will help. Your pantry and shelves look great, I love your long hall way. Oh and your little plate - cute. xx

  2. I try and find a 'magic' solution to suddenly being very organized! I can but try.Thanks for your lovely comments Lizzie,and I hope your mojo is alive and kicking!

  3. Hi, glad I found you! You can't beat a good pantry, I have a large larder cupboard, which used to be a cloakroom cupboard, I can get lots in but it's in need of a one of those things I will get around too, eventually! :)

  4. All good things...It's a good excuse to hunt for vintage storage solutions!

  5. You are so lucky having a pantry, it looks wonderful with all it's stock, the house I was brought up in has a huge one, as do most of the old Yorkshire farm houses my family live in. I do keep chutney and jams under our stairs but that's because there is nowhere else! We too have homemade bookshelves in all our hallways, it seems like a good use of narrow spaces to me. Bethx


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