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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas elf elp.

In the flurry of inspiration before christmas, I wanted to ditch some old and tacky decorations.I have tried in vain for several years to prize some truly awful (not retro) tac out of my husbands hands. These inlcude smoke stained tinsel (not ours!) and tinsel with anly a few brushy bits left on! Also enough lights to light the entire town.
I thought I may discretely loose the advent calendar with pockets, so I tried to make an elf similar to the lovely Maileg ones.
I started with the pattern from the Tilda santa I made last year, drew in on greaseproof paper and enlarged and elongated it..a lot..Lost the beard and stuffed it with cushion stuffing.
Here they are 'laid out in state' As you can see I enlarged it quite a lot!
The body is made from bits of old and new fabric, and I had a go at some small patchwork on the machine.
I used an old pillowcase and some moda fabrics.
And here she is, complete with hook for hanging.
Unfortnately I've run out of time to do the pockets! Maybe I'll make some for next year.
Bye for now, has anyone else had time for makes?


  1. Thae are lovely, im not big on tinsel, except for the wore sort with little stars on! :)

  2. I like a bit of (nice) tinsel on the tree, and I can't bring myself to throw the kids decorations, so we have quite a few now!

  3. Your Elf is absolutely lovely! I'm lucky/unlucky in that my husband doesn't really like Christmas so I can have exactly what I want in the house. He's mellowed a bit since we had children and they LOVE christmas decorations so I use this as an excuse to get everything out. I love the little patchwork dress. Bethx (thelinencat)

  4. I love the simplicity of your designs (though I am quite sure not so simple to make). Each summer I think that this is the time of year to make things for Christmas....each year that is what I think...but never put it into action...
    Keep warm

  5. What a beautiful elf ... so pretty ... love your makes ... happy to have popped by ... Bee x

  6. Thankyou Bee! Very nice to meet you.Flissx


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