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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Simnel cake.

I did make the Simnel cake, from a Mary Berry recipe.It was quite easy .no...very easy to make.
It did dip in the middle, but seemed cooked,so I turned it upsidown.

We do all like marzipan!! I popped it under the grill for a couple of minutes.

For a springtime Easter tea.
The Jersey cow mooed as he could see another tea set trying to get in on the act!
Have a very lovely Easter!

Saturday, 30 March 2013


We love chocolate in our house! The children had eggs from a couple of relatives, and I left it till the last minute to think of our egg gift....I don't like crowded supermarkets, and try to avoid the mad rush. I did however brave Morrisons today. I naeively asked for the eggs to which I was shown to the 'real ' eggs. We did find  a few manky eggs on the end of the aisle...Oh Dear!
I then tried the Co op, only a few measley boxes with a featherweight of chocolate in.
Undeterred I bought some bars with a cunning plan to use some underused chocolate moulds.
The result was a bit messy, but my daughter did say- 'this is the BEST thing we've EVER done' This may not say much for the heights of excitement in our house!
Here are a couple of the results.
A little raggy, but SOLID Easter Bunny!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Rug hooking 3

With this cold weather, there is nothing better that a real fire. It's heating water for tea as well as heating the room. My pet hate (one of!) is things that don't last. With us, kettles and washing machines DO NOT last. I have vowed to never buy another electric kettle. Our last one didn't even last a year!
I spent some of the evening on the rug hooking again, so I'll show a few more piccys.

The angel has been given her halo.

She has been given the task of feeding the chickens!
I hope you are all having a restful Easter -so far.


I'm getting out the Easter plates, egg related bits and trying my hand at a Simnel cake.
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Angel coming on.

Just two pictures of the rug hooking addiction.

The back, which I like- ignoring the loops that shouldn't be there!
The loopy front that feels all squidgey.
My husband- always the observant one- asked why the figure was so near the top. Good question, because I don't think sometimes.. I don't plan... I just do... and the piece grows out of my imagination, and it's the sort of work I am happiest doing.
Happy spontaneous evening to you all.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Rug hooking and birthday cake.

I admit I have been hooked to hooking! I bought a rug hooking tool that is sooo easy to use, and it really is like painting with yarn. I wonder whether anyone else has used one?
It is a little wooden tool that simply threads, and you draw your design on and follow the line!!
You can just see the metal point poking through on what is the right 'loopy' side.




It's early days yet, and the work has outgrown the embroidery frame, I'll put it on a stretcher I think.
It was surprisingly economic with the yarn too. You can use strips of fabric too.
It is my daughter birthday, sadly she has got school, but it gave me a chance to finish or cobble together a teeth aching concoction.
Oooh eer prawn coloured icing Yuk!!
She asked for sweets.
HAPPY BIRTHDAYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

What's in your purse?

It has been a strange two days without my daughter who has gone on her first camp, and the first proper time away from family. She was so exited! I can remember vividly going away in year 6 to Wales and loving every single minute.Now the boot's on the other foot I realise my mum would have missed me! Before I went on the coach she gave me a little necklace that I now carry in my purse.
It was Easter time hence the chick. I gave my daughter a pillow pet to take (she didn't want to take a toy, she always worries what people think- bless)
The things my mum always kept in her purse were these little charms.
I think it's a Cornish Piskie and obviously an old boot for luck!
I am a sentimental soul but I'm sure I'm not alone
What's in your wallet?!
I have been playing with clay today!
I had a few ideas in my sketchbook and whilst looking at my little chick I thought I'd try some little creatures myself. They all need painting.
'Scuse ultra dry hands from the clay of course, and washing floors doors etc...
A while ago I started a small clay figure and added small hooks to be able to join the limbs together.
Photograph as awful as ever but you get the idea. I was looking at some clay dolls from fifth century Greece and Rome in a book I have. You'll find some beautiful ancient artefacts on Pinterest too.
Hope you all have a lovely evening.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Clearing etc etc

January and February disappeared in a flurry of clearing clutter /junk and finishing off jobs in the house and a bit of work too!
We decided we are going to move which is always a good way to assess what you really want to keep. So dozens of bags of rubbish AND dozens for charity- I'm not joking!
The house is so much clearer-obviously-and it takes less time to clean!
I have had a little time for work and ideas.
This applique was inspired by the frame shape, and is based on a photograph.
Whilst going through 'stuff' with my daughter, I was quite shocked at what she wanted to throw out, things that were recently bought which had in some cases cost a fair bit.
We gave them to charity shops to be good for someone else, and she put out what was special to her.
She has always loved glass, and from a child would use pocket money to buy paperweights or tops of decanters!
She loved these ornaments that she got from a boot fair,and they have pride of place on her shelf.

I love the shape of the horse.
Talking of shape, a friend of mine is also moving and she gave me a pot which is funny in our house due to our pets.

I promise it wont be used Cinnamon!
Now the hardest part of selling will be to keep the house clean.
Hope you are all keeping well.

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