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Friday, 8 March 2013

Clearing etc etc

January and February disappeared in a flurry of clearing clutter /junk and finishing off jobs in the house and a bit of work too!
We decided we are going to move which is always a good way to assess what you really want to keep. So dozens of bags of rubbish AND dozens for charity- I'm not joking!
The house is so much clearer-obviously-and it takes less time to clean!
I have had a little time for work and ideas.
This applique was inspired by the frame shape, and is based on a photograph.
Whilst going through 'stuff' with my daughter, I was quite shocked at what she wanted to throw out, things that were recently bought which had in some cases cost a fair bit.
We gave them to charity shops to be good for someone else, and she put out what was special to her.
She has always loved glass, and from a child would use pocket money to buy paperweights or tops of decanters!
She loved these ornaments that she got from a boot fair,and they have pride of place on her shelf.

I love the shape of the horse.
Talking of shape, a friend of mine is also moving and she gave me a pot which is funny in our house due to our pets.

I promise it wont be used Cinnamon!
Now the hardest part of selling will be to keep the house clean.
Hope you are all keeping well.


  1. There's nothing like a good de-clutter to make you see things afresh.
    Loving your portrait work Felicity, just spotted some more photo's to look at too. Good luck with the move (is it soon?)

    1. Hi Murgatroyd, with the housing market as it is it's anyones guess as we've only just gone on the market. A friend of mine took 4 years to sell so it may be a long wait!

  2. It sounds like your clearing and cleaning went better than mine - I am clearly rubbish at throwing things out, I just move them from one spot to another - ha ha!

    I, too, love your portrait applique work, it's such a great idea and you do it so well.

    I hope the house selling goes well, Beth/thelinencat xx


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