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Monday, 25 March 2013

Rug hooking and birthday cake.

I admit I have been hooked to hooking! I bought a rug hooking tool that is sooo easy to use, and it really is like painting with yarn. I wonder whether anyone else has used one?
It is a little wooden tool that simply threads, and you draw your design on and follow the line!!
You can just see the metal point poking through on what is the right 'loopy' side.




It's early days yet, and the work has outgrown the embroidery frame, I'll put it on a stretcher I think.
It was surprisingly economic with the yarn too. You can use strips of fabric too.
It is my daughter birthday, sadly she has got school, but it gave me a chance to finish or cobble together a teeth aching concoction.
Oooh eer prawn coloured icing Yuk!!
She asked for sweets.
HAPPY BIRTHDAYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh I love the texture you get with the rug hooking.....I've never seen any before, I'm excited to see what you're making.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, hope she had a lovely day. Bethx

    1. Thankyou Beth, I've now found a frame for the hooking so I'll pop more photos on as I go!

  2. Your yarn paint is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your daughter! :) x

    1. Thankyou Ada, my daughter is now Very tired after a long day.


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