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Friday, 5 April 2013

Betty Crocker cropper.

Having just finished the Simnel cake, and with it being school hols. I thought it was time for another cake, maybe something a little easier on me!!
So in a weak moment I bought a 'Betty Crocker' cake mix (on offer)
I don't consider myself a thoughtless shopper, and I read the ingredients needed for the scrummy RED cake.

I didn't READ it though, we opened the box to find one pack of sponge mix, and no yummy white icing. I KNOW it says on the box but I was taken in. So after making my own buttercream.. 
Not quite like the packet! A bit of an odd red too. Everyone else seemed to like it, but I (no sour grapes) found it dense and a bit powdery i.e. like a cheap cake (not cheap cheap!)
So I won't be falling for that again.
Moan over, I thought I'd post a rather boring piccy of my white board, which now thanks to Lynne has writing on it! 
Even my small freezer with drawers was disorganized, so I thought there was no hope for my chest freezer, but I have now done the inventory and intend to keep up with it!

Please ignore the chips and curly fries! When they are gone they are GONE.


  1. Hi we love baking too but occasionally give in to a quick mix - it means someone else in the family can bake - especially those who don't often bake ! It makes a change :) I love the inventory - we really need to mao one of these !

    1. It was funny because everyone else did like it, but I did look at how much the Betty Crocker icing was and it was £2.15 which would have made the cake quite expensive. The inventory is going really well i.e. I am sticking to it even after a big shop.Flissx

  2. The cake looks yummy, but shame it doesn't taste so great. I've never used a cake mix before, it might be a good idea for me as my cakes are rather hit and mix in their rises! Hope you are also enjoying some of the sun we've had today :) Bethx

    1. I'm sure you would do better yourself Beth. Did you ever make the Simnel cake? We haven't had much sun unfortunately I neeeed some!


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