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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Superscrimper wedding ish!

Just writing for posterity!
I wonder where time goes these days. I met my hubby 23 years ago and we married in 1998... a long wait, just like us...
We wanted a wedding OUR way, so we planned and planned, and made our wedding the best we could. It had to be good value!  I am always curious (nosey) about the costs of things so:-
 We had about 60 guests,  
Ewell Court House 495
Help from cooks 140
Humanist 150
Wedding dress 314
Bridesmaids 70
Ties 18 (!)
Wedding rings 19.99 (Argos!)
Gifts for family 116
Civil ceremony 33.50
Disco 250
Fabric 8
Hairdresser 10
Dress fitting 50
Food 519
Hire of glasses tablecloths etc 150
Decoration, favour stuff, stationary 44.90
Total 2388.39
Sounds like quite a lot to me now! I bet some of you can out do this -let me know!
We had help from my mum with growing flowers and decorating the cake, and help from family and friends. We rented Ewell Court House in Surrey, which was a lovely place. We bought all the posh platters of food from the major supermarkets, wine from the cash and carry. I've kept a list of the costs of things,and I find myself looking and thinking oooh I could get this or that cost down!
We had a Humanist Ceremony that we wrote ourselves. A music teacher from my school played a beautiful Bach solo. It also snowed!
It all ended in a disco, and a mad panic to remind those clearing the hall what they needed to do. D.I.Y. weddings are quite stressful afterall. We swanned off in our cheapo Ford car plastered with dingley dangle bits to sleep for an hour or two before travelling to Florence.

My mum made all the bouquets.

We rented all the linens,glasses cutlery(?)
I made all the favors and stationary. We put a huge bowl of fruit in a fancy candle/bowl thingy on the top table to dress it.
Even got time in the morning to get married officially!
Poor Dan was exhausted! Even before....I won't go there!
We had to take cover from huge hailstones in Florence too, so this unseasonal weather is nothing new.
It is a bittersweet anniversary date as my brother was born on the same day, but he couldn't come to the wedding. Sadly he died at 40 years old, he left the most gorgeous daughter Shadeau, who continues his creative streak.


  1. What a lovely post ... you were a beautiful bride ... Bee xx

  2. We've been married 26 years today! Yes time flies so fast, it really does feel like only yesterday!
    I'm sorry to hear about your brother, but I'm glad his memory lives on in your family :) x

    1. What a small world! Hope you had a lovely day! Flissx

  3. What lovely memories. We also wanted to do things our way as we had been together eight years already so felt the pressure was off a bit and just wanted to have a nice day - cake and decs from friends and family, wedding dress from Dorothy Perkins, rings - we used the same second hand silver bands we had as engagement ones (just had to remember to slip them off before ceremony!), flowers from a lovely neighbour, car - our lovely old red Ford decorated with toothpaste, food we did ourselves (although bizarre memories of Mike trying to get a chicken inside a duck at 3am on our wedding day!), registry office - £10, reception back at ours, photographs by a friend, honeymoon - a night in Edinburgh! And you know - although a lot of that was down to very little cash the memories are wonderful - and yes I'd do it all again!!! Jane x

  4. Sounds fantastic! I too think it is a lot easier if you have been together a while as you know each other, and in theory there shouldn't be any nasty surprises!Fliss

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, 40 is young.

    Most of my friends and family have done their own thing with little money for their weddings, but they have always been nicer than the odd "posh" one I've been to. I think the most bizarre was being one of only two guests and we were the witnesses too. The reception was the four of us in a Motorway Service station on the way home - not sure I'd recommend that one. Friends recently got married after 30 yrs and just had two guests and witnesses who made them up a lovely picnic which they all ate in the garden.

    Conversely, next weekend we are going up to my cousin's wedding in Wales which is a full blown extravagant three day affair and I suspect we are going to feel very strange.

    1. Such wonderful funny memories! I love the idea of the picnic, a bit of sun can go a long way too. We had the bizarre experience of going to hubbys parents re-marriage. They divorced when we met and married again a few years later! Oooh er..

  6. I love this post, and you look very beautiful in the photos (and so elegant!). I'm embarrassed to say we spent way more than we would if I were doing it today. We lived in London but were getting married in Yorkshire so had to allow the castle (and very small one, I should add) to do everything for us and that came at a cost, also I had just sold my flat for a very good profit (I'd done it up myself, including fitting the kitchen) so it felt OK at the time. I'd never spend that amount now, BUT, we had a wonderful day with all our friends so it was worth it. Notice I still haven't actually said the cost! Bethx


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