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Monday, 27 May 2013

Cornwall Open Studios, Sue Dove,Jane Winton, Sara Holden, Terry Rigden and Sheila Mitchell.

Yesterday we visited a few of the Cornwall Open Studios (25th May -2nd June)
It's a wonderful opportunity to visit artists, often in their own studio space.
You never know what you will find!
Our first visit was to Sue Dove's house. From opening the gate we were greeted with SUCH an inspiring garden and studio. Sue was so welcoming, and we were able to see an aladdins cave of work / sketchbooks / inspiration / vintage items. Lovely dolls, rug hooking, beautiful embroidery - there was so much to look at! I was so pleased that Sue let me take some photos that I can share with you.

Up the winding garden path, over the bridge.

Right at the end of the garden..

A lovely welcome from Frankie Velcro.

Sue's book is very inpiring too!
( 'Painting with stitches' ISBN 1 870586 46-8)

Back by the house.
Next we visited Terry Rigden and Sheila Mitchell. We saw some beautiful landscapes, but sorry I didn't take any pictures- you'll just have to visit!
Lastly with some good signposts! We got to Golden Mill House.
Where Jane Winton and Sara Holden had a wonderful display of their work.
Sorry no photos again, but if you press the links for Jane's and Sara's you can see blogs and websites - if you look at Jane's Facebook page she has wonderful photos of the open studio!
Phew! We were blessed with sunshine, but whatever the weather it's well worth visiting the Open Studios'.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pirates in Cornwall. Etsy shop and other work update.

A few pictures of recent work. I've just completed a shop order for brooches, all flying and sailing to St Ives.
Also some felt brooches that I have put on my Etsy shop.
More pirate bunnies.
Busy Bee brooches.
All is quiet on the Etsy front! I have read that it can take a while to be 'found' one lady saying she worked constantly for 4 months before her first sale. Anyone had other experiences?
I find E.bay keeps me ticking over with work to do, all the little amounts do add up.
Talking of E.bay, I have a couple of items on...
'Heather' Holly Hobbies friend.
Also a Folky complete Clothkits kit for age 7 -13.
Hopefully this will link!
Hope you are all having a good day!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Breon O'Casey, Captain Pugwash and 70's Retro.

I feel like I've been stuck to the computer (and I have!) and worktable for almost a week.
I did however get to a jumble sale today, which I love. It was the busiest I've been to in a long time, all elbows and tumbling piles...of clothes that is!
I'm working on a few ideas for pictures, but that's another post!
If anyone has looked at my Pinterest, they will see an interest in naive images.
I love those simplified, blocks of colour. I came across the work of  Breon O'Casey, and his birds inspired a brooch this week.
I've listed a few more fabric pieces on E.bay -70's retro and good old Captain Pugwash amongst other bits all again starting at 99p.

I couldn't resist a picture of these flowers such perfection
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Vintage fabric and paintings.

I have been busy on E.bay putting some of my fabrics on.


Quite a variety and all starting from just 99p bid!
I'll try a link!
Last night I was doing a bit of painting as well.
The following are from European textiles, I love the playful quality of the images.

None of these are accurate, and so they begin to be a piece in their own right.

I'd love a house like this one!
I finished the applique portrait destined for Etsy.

Below is a n OLD school book of mine showing the wallpaper I used to have in my bedroom. Sooo sweet! This is for Ada.
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