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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pirates in Cornwall. Etsy shop and other work update.

A few pictures of recent work. I've just completed a shop order for brooches, all flying and sailing to St Ives.
Also some felt brooches that I have put on my Etsy shop.
More pirate bunnies.
Busy Bee brooches.
All is quiet on the Etsy front! I have read that it can take a while to be 'found' one lady saying she worked constantly for 4 months before her first sale. Anyone had other experiences?
I find E.bay keeps me ticking over with work to do, all the little amounts do add up.
Talking of E.bay, I have a couple of items on...
'Heather' Holly Hobbies friend.
Also a Folky complete Clothkits kit for age 7 -13.
Hopefully this will link!
Hope you are all having a good day!


  1. Your brooches are lovely, those little birds look really fiddly, I'd definitely need my reading specs on for those! :) x

    1. Likewise! Nothing-fiddly gets done these days without my glasses!

  2. Oh I do love your brooches, especially the bead birds and nice buys, my Mum was a huge Clothkits fan, I spent most of my childhood in similar dresses. Beth/thelinencat xx

  3. Thankyou Beth. The patterns on some clothkits are the folk style I like.


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