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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Vintage fabric and paintings.

I have been busy on E.bay putting some of my fabrics on.


Quite a variety and all starting from just 99p bid!
I'll try a link!
Last night I was doing a bit of painting as well.
The following are from European textiles, I love the playful quality of the images.

None of these are accurate, and so they begin to be a piece in their own right.

I'd love a house like this one!
I finished the applique portrait destined for Etsy.

Below is a n OLD school book of mine showing the wallpaper I used to have in my bedroom. Sooo sweet! This is for Ada.


  1. It was the done thing wasn't it, decorating our books with bits of wallpaper! When Little Bea started her new class the teacher sent home their homework books with instructions to 'cover them'. I felt so proud when she chose one of my vintage wallpapers, lots of her friends asked her to bring in bits of wallpaper.....there are lots of homework books with the retro vibe in her class now!!! :) x

  2. Love your little portrait too! :) x

  3. You've been busy! I love the portrait and the wallpaper covered book made me smile. My brother is busy decorating the farmhouse we grew up in (as it's his now) and we were having some serious childhood memory moments as we peeled back the layers of paper in some of the rooms. Bittersweet memories really, I'm both sad and glad to see my second home moving on. Bethx

  4. It must be strange to see your childhood spaces as an adult. I would LOVE to visit my favourite childhood house, I expect it would look quite different now. I used to walk around my house holding a mirror towards the ceiling, looking in it and finding my way around.I suppose I've always been a bit odd!


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